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Local Artists Help Healing Proces

Local Artists Help Healing Proces

Local Artists Help Healing Process
Research shows there is a link between the physical atmosphere in a healthcare facility and the level of stress in its patients. Creating a soothing environment can actually speed the healing process by improving the way that patients respond to care. Artwork enhances the surroundings for patients and visitors because seeing something beautiful can be comforting and uplifting.

Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center has been fortunate to have a number of local artists donate their work to the hospital. We would like to thank Teresa Tocco, who donated her time to facilitate obtaining the artwork. We would especially like to thank the following artists for the lovely pieces that brighten the day for our patients, visitors and staff:

Jacqueline Anderson
Kelly S. Andrews
Craig Bales
Elisabeth Bard
Michael Block
David L. Brown
Lisa C. Budd
Lois Allen Charles
Peter Cohan
Sharon A. Coyle
Diane & Earl Davis
Helena van Emmerik-Finn
Elaine Felice
Erin McGee Ferrell
Diane & Rich Flanegan
Ellen A. Gavin
Sherry Gargiulo
Haldy Gifford
Carol Gooberman
Bill Greenan
Shirley Hawthorne
RJ Haas
Carol Herr
Mary Dolan & Judy Hedges
Daniel M. Kenney
Ning Lee
Linda McAdams
Eileen McNulty
Peg McShea
Nanette Noone
Beth Palser
Alex Pietersen
Jim Rahn
Patricia Rainey
John Reed
Bob Richey
James Ryan
Matt Schwartz
Matt Schrier
Stephanie Snyder
Maria Sobolewski
Julia Swartz
Don Touzeau
Gustave Wander
Janice Mariner Ward
Sharon Way-Howard
Erika Woodworth
Anna Marie Zabielski

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