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Laparoscopic Options at Lourdes

Laparoscopic Options at Lourdes

At the Lourdes Health System, minimally invasive techniques are used by surgeons in a variety of fields. Here are some of the ways Lourdes doctors are giving patients new options: Urology Minimally invasive procedures can be used to perform prostate surgery (prostatectomies), resolve urinary incontinence in men and women and treat kidney cancer. Lourdes offers the latest minimally invasive surgical approaches for these ailments, including the da Vinci Surgical System. Gynecology was among the first medical specialties to use laparoscopy. Today, many gynecologic procedures are performed using minimally invasive techniques. These include hysterectomies, myomectomies (fibroid removals) and ovary removals, as well as procedures to treat endometriosis, reverse tubal ligation and correct vaginal prolapse. At the Lourdes Health System, these procedures can be performed using traditional laparoscopic techniques or the da Vinci robot. Bariatric, or weight-reduction surgery, can be performed with both “open” and minimally invasive techniques. Among the bariatric procedures performed laparoscopically by Lourdes surgeons are the adjustable gastric band (lap-band), the roux-en-y gastric bypass, the biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch and the vertical (sleeve) gastrectomy. Kidney Donation When a living person donates a kidney, the kidney removal — called a nephrectomy — may be performed through open surgery, which involves a large cut in the side of the abdomen and a rib resection. It also may be performed laparoscopically, through three or four small cuts in the abdominal and flank areas. Because there is no large incision and the body goes through less trauma, the donor feels less pain and spends less time recuperating. Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center is the only facility in southern New Jersey licensed to perform kidney, pancreas and liver transplants.

Gerald Burke, M.D.
The Pavilions of Voorhees
2301 Evesham Road
Suite 608, Voorhees, N.J.
(856) 772-3775

Rajen Butani, M.D.
Dr. Butani is a board-certified, fellows hip trained urologist in practice at Delaware Valley Urology, LLC, with offices located in Voorhees, Haddon Heights, Sicklerville and Woodbury, N.J.
(856) 751-7772

Stephen Guy, M.D.
Dr. Guy is a surgeon with the Regional Organ Transplantation Center at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center.

1600 Haddon Avenue
Camden, N.J.
(856) 757-3840

Richard Ing, M.D.
Dr. Ing is a board certified, fellowship trained general surgeon affiliated with Surgical Specialists of New Jersey, Rancocas Division.

1000 Salem Road, Suite A
Willingboro, N.J.
(609) 877-1737

Adam Perzin, M.D.
Dr. Perzin is in practice with Urology Healthcare Associates, a division of Delaware Valley Urology, LLC.

101 Burrs Road, Suite A
Westampton, N.J.
(609) 914-0021

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